The Story Behind The Childfree Convention

It started out with a simple message from Jared Hansen to Cody Hetzel in 2020…it was all downhill from there.

Jared and Cody Conversation

- History -

July 31, 2021 (USA)

In late 2020, Jared and Cody reached out to others in the childfree community to see who might want to join them on this crazy venture.

Enter LeNora Faye! She came onboard to help with creating a logo for the 2021 Virtual Childfree Conference, but was quickly suckered into a larger role and joined in as the third Co-Founder. 

This leadership triad was now ready to begin planning. A timeline was built with the goal to have a LIVE-stream event on July, 31 2021 (all times/dates mentioned are based on Eastern USA). August 1st just so happens to be International Childfree Day, which was a factor in choosing the date!

The Co-Founders met weekly and worked tirelessly to put together an amazing line-up of topics and speakers. The conference came together piece by piece. The result was an AMAZING experience. The best part is that it was 100% volunteer driven.

2021 Stats:

30 Speakers and Volunteers.

9+ hours of streaming.

15 Panels and Topics.

2021 Sponsors

CM presents 2022

July 30, 2022 (USA)

July 31, 2022 (USA)

The admin team’s question for the 2nd year was how improve on the inaugural year. The decision was made to expand the event to two days on the weekend leading up to International Childfree Day (August 1). This expansion also included the name change to “Childfree Convention.”

Childfree Media came on as the “Presenter” for 2022 along with sponsors to help defray some of the costs associated with putting on the convention.

2022 Stats:

76 Speakers and Volunteers 

16+ hours of live streaming over 2 days.

24 Panels and Topics.

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July 29, 2023 (USA)

July 30, 2023 (USA)

In 2023, Childfree Convention became a division of Childfree Media Ltd, founded by LeNora Faye and Cody Hetzel. Their vision for this year’s event was to explore topics that are relevant yet rarely discussed in the childfree community, such as Childfree with Disabilities, Parent Allies, Childfree Regrets, and Childfree & Childless Alliance.

2023 Stats:

75 Speakers and Volunteers.

19+ hours of live streaming over 2 days.

18 Panels and Topics (many Panels were increased from 30 minutes, in previous years, to 1 hour).


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller, Childfree Icon

LeNora Faye

LeNora is a childfree lifestyle advocate, speaker, and moderator who creates global platforms, both public and private, for people who are choosing not to birth or raise children.

She is a co-host of the international podcast and web series, Childfree Girls and serves as PR manager and co-moderator for Childfree Convention.

Jared Hansen

Jared is the creator of “The Best Childfree Life Possible” Facebook group and the Childfree 5K & 10K Virtual Run.

Cody Hetzel

Cody is the creator of the micro-networking site Childfree Family, where he launched the first interactive map to help childfree people find others around the world. 

Cody serves as speakers bureau and co-moderator for Childfree Convention. 

Meet The Co-Founders

LeNora is the creator of The Bitchy Bookkeeper, a childfree lifestyle brand.

She is also co-host of the international podcast and web series Childfree Girls.

LeNora is the PR Manager for the Childfree Convention.



Alberta, Canada

Jared is the creator of “The Best Childfree Life Possible” Facebook group.

He hosts childfree webcam events and Spin classes.

Jared is the Head of Tech for the Childfree Convention.



Florida, USA

Cody is the creator of the site Childfree Family and various other childfree-centric Facebook groups.

He launched the first interactive map to help childfree people find others around the world.

Cody is the Head of Speakers Bureau for the Childfree Convention.



Georgia, USA

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