2022 Childfree Convention Speaker Application Form

Deadline for submissions: February, 28 2022 ~~~~ The Childfree Convention will take place in July of 2022 (Date: TBD)
If selected as a Speaker, this will help us coordinate Topics/Panels.
It's 100% OK if you don't have any.
Examples; age; what kind of work do you do; hobbies/interests; what you enjoy in life.
As the Childfree Convention will be live streamed, we need to ensure you will have the ability to join us.
Each panel will consist of multiple speakers and a moderator, with questions designed to spark natural dialogue between the panelists. There will also be questions from the live audience in chat.
This is the MOST Important section for the Speakers Bureau Committee. Please be as detailed as possible in your explanation of qualifications and/or experience.
Example 1: A person wants to speak on the Childfree in Organized Religion panel. Just let us know which religion you follow and that you are childfree.
Example 2: A person wants to speak on the Childfree Estate Planning panel. They have either gone through the process or they are a professional and can speak on the topic from an educational standpoint.